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ECC is a communications strategy and political consulting firm rooted in the Mexican traditions of storytelling and grassroots organizing. Founded in 2022, by first-generation trans immigrant and community organizer Nat Morales, ECC specializes in designing and implementing culturally competent strategies to move people from all backgrounds toward empathic action.

ECC specializes in working with directly-impacted communities to amplify everyday voices and values. We understand and value the work that goes into movement building; ECC therefore measures success by tracking and reporting short-term numbers to inform outreach and communications strategies for long-term impact. Meaning, our intention is to support your digital communications needs while thoughtfully working to build up power in marginalized communities.

Whether you’re thinking of running for elected office, but aren’t sure where to begin, or need consultation on how to strengthen your messaging and strategically broaden your online reach, En Comunidad Consulting is here for you.


With over a decade of experience in non-profits, government, and political communications, En Comunidad Consulting provides clients with the skills needed to amplify directly-impacted people, campaigns and community-centered movements.

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