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At the heart of ECC’s work is a deep appreciation for how communications can help heal and bridge divides in communities, social movements, and even in the workplace. En Comunidad Consulting brings the messaging and narrative building expertise to achieve a wide range of communications goals to help you reach your full potential.

Grassroots to digital strategy

Over the last few years, many in-person tactics have had to adapt to online audiences’ immediate needs. En Comunidad Consulting brings over a decade of organizing experience to intentionally integrate grassroots strategies with today’s digital reality.

Base building & social media management  

En Comunidad Consulting thoughtfully asses your current reach and audience to provide you a winning strategy to organically build your supporter base and expand your online reach.

Press relations & earned media

Whether you’re looking to organize small or large scale press events or simply need a hand pitching stories to local reporters, En Comunidad Consulting combines media relations and your overall strategy to amplify your work and mission.

Campaign management

En Comunidad Consulting is her to consult on everything from writing appealing job descriptions that encourage a diverse applicant pool to managing team expectations, deliverables, and timelines. We are here to support you through the hills and valleys of short and long-term campaigns.

Spanish translation & Latine/Latinx outreach

Latinx/Latine cultures, communities, and history play a pivotal role in understanding that no community is a social or political monolith. Our stories and roots run deep; our courage to speak out against injustice goes back generations, and our political power is felt at all electoral levels. ECC brings years of experience translating materials for voter outreach and grassroots campaigns to ensure you strike a culturally competent tone and include multi-generational immigrant perspectives and voices.

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En Comunidad Consulting is here to support you and your organization, movement, and community reach your goals with intention and integrity.


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